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Virtual Assistant

Keeping the Books Straight for Truckers How do I know whether my trucking business is turning a profit? How do I setup an accounting system for my trucking business? Is there a one-size-fits-all book-keeping system for trucking businesses? I do not want to learn how to do accounting, do I need to hire an accountant? […]

Build an Effective Collection Strategy

Whether your small trucking business is sailing smoothly, treading water or moving against a strong tide during these tough economic times, having a reliable collection strategy is key to maintaining enough cash flow to remain solvent.

How do I pay my OTR drivers and owner-operators?

The trucking business provides unique challenges for business-owners when it comes time to paying employees who are rarely physically present at the office or main business location on payday. Truck drivers cannot be expected to try to make it back to the office so that they may pickup their weekly or bi-weekly paycheck, hence the […]